Heat Pump Installation

So Why should i consider installing a heat pump system?

Heat pumps are energy-efficient heating and cooling systems that provide year-round comfort in residential and commercial spaces. They work by transferring heat between the indoors and outdoors, using a refrigeration cycle to extract heat from the outside air (in winter) and remove heat from the indoor air (in summer). This makes them versatile, as they can both heat and cool a space with a single system, making them ideal for regions with moderate climates.

Heat pumps are known for their high efficiency, as they can produce up to 3-4 times more heat (or coolness) than the energy they consume. With advancements in technology, modern heat pumps come with smart controls, variable-speed motors, and other features that further enhance their efficiency and comfort. Overall, heat pumps are a sustainable and cost-effective solution for heating and cooling your home or business. You can read more about heat pump systems here.

Why Should I Consider A Heat Pump?

There are several compelling reasons why you should consider buying a heat pump for your heating and cooling needs:
  1. Energy Efficiency: Heat pumps are highly energy efficiency. They use electricity to transfer heat from one place to another, rather than burning fossil fuels like natural gas or propane. This means that they can provide the same amount of heating or cooling using less energy compared to traditional heating and cooling systems, resulting in lower utility bills.

  2. Year-round Comfort: Heat pumps offer both heating and cooling capabilities in a single system, making them versatile for year-round comfort. During colder months, they can efficiently extract heat from the outdoor air and warm your home. In warmer months, they can remove heat from indoor air and cool your home. This eliminates the need for separate heating and cooling systems, saving space and installation costs.

  3. Cost-effective: While the initial cost of a heat pump may be higher compared to some traditional heating and cooling systems, they can provide long-term cost savings. Lower monthly utility bills, potential energy rebates or tax incentives, and reduced maintenance costs can offset the initial investment, making heat pumps a cost-effective choice in the long run.

  4. Durability and Longevity: Heat pumps are designed to be durable and reliable. They have fewer moving parts compared to traditional heating and cooling systems, reducing the chances of mechanical failures and the need for frequent repairs.

What are the Tax Incentives for Heat Pumps?

Tax incentives for heat pump systems in Ohio vary depending on local jurisdiction. However, there are federal tax incentives available for heat pumps under the Residential Renewable Energy Tax Credit, which allows you to claim a percentage of the system's cost as a tax credit on your federal income tax return.

As of 2023, the federal tax credit for residential geothermal heat pumps is 22% of the total installed cost, with a maximum credit cap. It's important to note that tax incentives are subject to eligibility requirements, including system specifications, installation guidelines, and other criteria, so it's essential to thoroughly review and follow all applicable guidelines and regulations to qualify for the incentives.

Click here for more information about the federal tax credit, and remember that it is always best to consult your tax professional for the exact savings that you may be qualified for.

What areas of ohio Do We Provide Installation?

We have provided costumers from all over North East Ohio with expertise on heat pump installation, and we are excited to serve anyone from these counties.
  • Columbiana County
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