HVAC contractor and owner of D. Miller Mechanical, Dwight Miller from Minerva, OH


Dwight was just 15 when a bout of rheumatic fever laid him up for over a month. While recovering, he began to study and fall in love with his life-long passion, heating and cooling systems. Over 30 years of experience later, the passion remains, lived out through D. Miller Mechanical. When he’s not installing HVAC systems, Dwight enjoys relaxing with his family, playing golf, and trying new foods.



HVAC installer Brendan Miller of D. Miller Mechanical in Minerva, OH


Brendan has been working in the family busines since he was in school. Aside from his HVAC work, his other pursuits include fishing and videography.




HVAC installer Rodney Miller of D. Miller Mechanical in Minerva, OH


When Rodney’s not working on boilers and furnaces, you might find him tweaking a bow, setting up a trailcam, or doing any number of other things necessary in the pursuit of big deer.



Secretary Kara Miller of D. Miller Mechanical in Minerva, OH


When she’s not balancing the books and mailing out invoices, Kara enjoys reading, walks in the woods, and experimenting in the kitchen.